DLG Intelligence, a company of the Digital Luxury Group, specialises in business intelligence within the luxury industry. One of its strengths is using big data to provide insights into the online popularity of the industry, its individual sectors and players, publishing comprehensive reports for the industry.

In the latest report published by the company, entitled “Top Luxury CEOs”, DLG analysed search activity for the Chief Executive Officers, Chairmen, Directors and Divisional Heads of over 500 luxury brands and groups, taking into account 8.5 million searches on the world’s top search engines.

The Breitling replica watches industry leaders account for a relatively small percentage of the list, which is topped by serial entrepreneur and Tesla motors CEO Elon Musk. But the names from the pure-play watch companies (that is to say excluding the CEOs and executives of the major luxury groups) that appear in the list shed some interesting light on the popularity of the people concerned, especially when compared with the popularity for their brands and products.

The 9 most searched for cheap fake Breitling watches company CEOs:

1. Jean-Claude Biver

It comes as little surprise that the charismatic head of the LVMH watch division, newly anointed CEO of TAG Heuer and Chairman of Hublot is the most sought-after watch company CEO. After the bosses of the major groups such as LVMH, Kering and Richemont, Mr Biver emerges as the first person in the list who dedicates 100% of his time to replica Breitling Emergency watches.

2. Fawaz Gruosi

More surprising is Mr Gruosi’s appearance in second place (and only one place behind Mr Biver in DLG’s overall classification). The de Grisogono CEO’s ability to surround himself with the best celebrities to fit any occasion has undoubtedly had a positive impact on his personal search engine optimisation.

3. Nick Hayek

As the CEO of the world’s biggest watchmaking group, Nick Hayek occupies a deserved podium place among the most searched-for Breitling Super Ocean replica watches company CEOs.

4. Nayla Hayek

CEO of Harry Winston since it was taken over by the Swatch Group, Nayla Hayek is the first woman in the list. But she is not the only one.

Top 9 CEO's 2014

Jean-Claude Biver, Fawaz Gruosi, Nick Hayek, Nayla Hayek, Caroline Schefeule, Juan-Carlos Torres, Ricardo Guadalupe, Thierry Stern, Jean-Frédéric Dufour.
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5. Caroline Scheufele

Perhaps also because of her celebrity associations, the co-CEO of the independent brand Chopard is only the second woman to make the list in terms of search.

6. Juan-Carlos Torres

The CEO of Vacheron Constantin is well placed among the top Breitling Black Bird replica watches brand CEOs. His sixth place is all the more astonishing given that he ranks above both Jérôme Lambert of Montblanc, Stanislas de Quercize of Cartier and Axel Dumas of Hermès.

7. Ricardo Guadalupe

CEO of the media-friendly Hublot brand of LVMH, Ricardo Guadalupe is also highly visible in Internet search results, ranking ahead of the CEOs of brands such as Bentley, Fendi and Lotus.

8. Thierry Stern

The tables turn at the bottom of the list as Internet searches for the CEOs of some of the biggest watch brands are overshadowed by those for their products. Such is the case with the Patek Philippe’s Thierry Stern.

9. Jean-Frédéric Dufour

The inversion of the product search popularity list reaches its logical conclusion, since the CEO of Rolex, which by far accounts for the most replica Breitling Colt Watches-related Internet searches, actually comes at the bottom of the popularity list.