When something “goes down like a lead balloon” it means it was a disaster. This is what some people believed would happen if Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck of the Yardbirds went through with their plans to form a supergroup. Such people have long since been proved wrong, of course, but the band’s name is, in a twice modified form, a constant reminder of this initial skepticism. Since “lead” has two different pronunciations, the band’s manager suggested dropping the “a” to make it pronouncable for an international audience and the “balloon” was dropped in favour of “zeppelin”, suggesting a combination of heavy and light, combustibility and grace.

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The Artya / Kerbedanz unique piece in tribute to Led Zeppelin

It is precisely this juxtaposition that we find in the unlikely collaborative effort between Artya and Kerbedanz, both of whose CEOs share a passion for Led Zeppelin. Artya has provided the unique case in stainless steel, as well as the movement, while Kerbedanz has worked on a wonderful interpretation of the Led Zeppelin logo in cloisonné enamel. The fusion of two different watchmaking styles is completed with Artya’s signature “Artyor” material (an alloy of gold and recycled bullets!) used for the dividing sections for the enamel motif.